Growth Plan for Northern Ontario

Table of Contents

The Growth Plan for Northern Ontario, 2011, was released March 4th, 2011. It is the second growth plan developed under the Places to Grow Act, 2005. This policy document outlines all-of-government priorities for Northern Ontario for the next 25 years. It will guide government priorities, initiatives and investments in the North for many years.

The Plan is an economic blueprint and drives collective action by governments, communities, business, industry and the public. The Growth Plan is designed to be responsive to northern circumstances and is based on northern input.

The Growth Plan was released along with government commitment to three initial implementation initiatives:

  • developing a Northern Multimodal Transportation Strategy;
  • piloting two regional economic development planning areas; and,
  • creating a new Northern Policy Institute.

The Plan is all about looking forward - addressing issues that matter most to northerners: education, jobs and quality of life.

What the Growth Plan Offers

The Plan contains policies that focus and guide action on:

  • Building a regional economy that is resilient, sustainable,
  • building on the strengths and human potential of today's northerners by providing them with more education, training and career opportunities,
  • attracting people and investments.

The policies are grouped under six key themes:

  • Economy
  • People
  • Communities
  • Infrastructure
  • Environment
  • Aboriginal Peoples