Transportation Infrastructure

What is the ROF (Ring of Fire) Infrastructure Development Corporation (ROFIDC)?

The ROF Infrastructure Development Corporation is a not-for-profit corporation.

The interim board has five directors from the Ontario Public Service. The board will put the necessary structures in place in order to allow for partners to determine their participation in the corporation. This includes working with key partners including First Nations, industry, communities, and the federal government, to formalize partnerships through the corporation and overseeing an economic and technical baseline feasibility report on transportation infrastructure. 

As participation in the corporation evolves, the Board of Directors will be broadened to include membership from First Nations and industry partners. 

What is the role of the ROF Infrastructure Development Corporation?

The ROFIDC’s role is to:

  • Encourage and assist exploration for and development of mineral deposits in the Ring of Fire by financing, building, operating and maintaining strategic transportation infrastructure including industrial and community access roads
  • Engage and consult with industry, government and aboriginal communities
  • Negotiate and facilitate agreements among key partners
  • Promote and foster economic development opportunities connected to exploration and development of mineral deposits in the Ring of Fire for First Nations located in the region as well as aboriginal and non-aboriginal persons and communities throughout the province

Who are the other partners in the development corporation?

The province is leading the creation of a development corporation that will bring together key partners, including First Nations, mining companies, as well as the federal and provincial governments.

What is the provincial government’s role in the ROF Infrastructure Development Corporation?

While Ontario is taking the lead in establishing the development corporation, once an agreement in principle is in place with key partners, the province will be one of many partners sharing an interest in the opportunity presented by the Ring of Fire.

When will there be a full board?

The board may be expanded to include additional directors as appropriate. Developing and finalizing an agreement in principle with key partners that includes the composition of the board of directors will be a priority of the development corporation.

What is Ontario’s investment in the development corporation?

The government has committed to provide up to $1 billion for strategic transportation in the Ring of Fire. The province expects that other partners, including industry and the federal government, will also contribute. The decision about when and how to flow funds will be negotiated as part of the agreement in principle, and must comply with all necessary environmental assessment requirements, regulatory permits and approvals, and the Crown fulfilling its duty to consult.