Sommaire des travaux sur le terrain et d’autres activités, 2016

Mines and Minerals Division: 

La Commission géologique de l’Ontario est heureuse de mettre à votre disposition par voie électronique la publication Summary of Field Work and Other Activities, 2016 (OFR 6323).

La publication Summary of Field Work and Other Activities présente les points saillants et de nouveaux renseignements importants relatifs à la cartographie et aux recherches géoscientifiques effectuées au cours de l’année.

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Table des matières

Cartes de situation de la publication Summary of Field Work

Bureau du directeur, Commission géologique de l'Ontario

  1. Ontario Geological Survey: Update of Strategic Perspective for 2014–2019 J.R. Parker

Unité des ressources terrestres et de la cartographie géoscientifique

  1. Earth Resources and Geoscience Mapping Section: 2016 Program and Project Overview J.E. Schweyer

Géologie du précambrien — Grand Nord

  1. Project FN-16-001 and Project Unit 14-001. Preliminary Results from Geological Mapping in the Makokibatan Lake Area, Fort Hope–Miminiska Greenstone Belt, Eastern Uchi Subprovince B. Azar

Géologie du Précambrien — Nord-Est de l’Ontario

  1. Project NE-16-002. Archean and Proterozoic Geology of the Borden Lake Area, Kapuskasing Structural Zone, Abitibi–Wawa Terrane M. Duguet and N. Szumylo
  2. Project NE-16-005 and Project Unit 13-012. Geology and Mineral Potential of Stover Township, Michipicoten Greenstone Belt L. Robichaud, J. Walker, S.M. West and A. Nywening
  3. Project NE-16-006 and Project Unit 13-012. Geology and Mineral Potential of Copenace Township, Michipicoten Greenstone Belt J. Walker and L. Robichaud
  4. Project Unit 14-008. Geology and Mineral Potential of Yeo and Southern Potier Townships, Southern Swayze Area, Abitibi Greenstone Belt T.P. Gemmell and P.J. MacDonald
  5. Project Unit 14-009. Update on Activities Related to a Gold Metallogenic Study of the Southern Swayze Greenstone Belt E.C.G. Hastie. D.J. Kontak and B. Lafrance
  6. Project Unit 14-010. Structural Patterns in the Southern Swayze Greenstone Belt Q. Wu and S. Lin

Géologie du Précambrien — Nord-Ouest de l’Ontario

  1. Project Unit 15-003. Precambrian Geology of the Flint Lake Area, Rowan–Kakagi Greenstone Belt, Wabigoon Subprovince S.R. Meade
  2. Project NW-16-003 and Project Unit 15-004. Geology and Mineral Potential of the Western Schreiber–Hemlo Greenstone Belt S.J. Magnus and K.A. Arnold
  3. Project NW-16-004 and Project Unit 13-007. Preliminary Results from Geological Mapping in Adrian and Marks Townships, Shebandowan Greenstone Belt, Wawa–Abitibi Terrane L.M. Ratcliffe
  4. Project Unit 15-020. Preliminary Geology and Macroscopic Textures of the Ultramafic Rocks from Conmee Township, Eastern Shebandowan Greenstone Belt S. Hinz, P. Hollings, R.W.D. Lodge, M.J. Olson and S.L. Helmuth
  5. Project Unit 15-021. Field Observations and Geochemistry of the Balmer and Confederation Assemblages on the Laird Lake Property, Red Lake Greenstone Belt B.R. Gélinas and P. Hollings
  6. Project NW-16-002. A Structural Study of the Dogpaw and Dubenski Deposits, Rowan–Kakagi Greenstone Belt, Western Wabigoon Subprovince A.D. Krapf-Jones, S.R. Meade and S. Lin

Géologie du Précambrien — Protérozoïque et province de Grenville

  1. Project Unit 15-010. Geology of Drury Township, Southwest Sudbury Structure: An Overview R-L. Simard, C.A. Gordon and C-A. Généreux
  2. Project Unit 15-014. Precambrian and Paleozoic Geology of the Perth Area, Grenville Province R.M. Easton
  3. Project Units 15-014, 13-013 and 11-006. Metasomatism, Syenite Magmatism and Rare Earth Element and Related Metallic Mineralization in Bancroft and Frontenac Terranes: A Preliminary Deposit Model R.M. Easton
  4. Project Unit 15-019. Mylonite Zone and Regional Deformation in Drury Township, Southwest Sudbury Structure C-A. Généreux, B. Lafrance, R-L. Simard and C.A. Gordon


  1. Summary of Geophysical Projects and Activities D.R.B. Rainsford and S. Biswas

Ressources en agrégats et minéraux industriels

  1. Project SO-16-003. Aggregate Resources Inventory for the County of Peterborough, Southern Ontario L.A. Handley

Cartographie et échantillonnage des dépôts superficiels

  1. Project NW-16-001. Quaternary Geology Mapping of the Shebandowan Greenstone Belt Area, Northwestern Ontario A.F. Bajc
  2. Project NE-16-004. Quaternary Geological Mapping Along the Highway 11 Corridor, Northeastern Ontario A.S. Marich

Géochimie des dépôts superficiels

  1. Project Units 13-020 and 14-016. Update on Lake Erie Tributary Sediment and Water Phosphorus Study H.E. Burke and R.D. Dyer
  2. Project NE-16-007. Field Activities Supporting Regional Analysis of Stream Sediment Geochemistry over the Kapuskasing Structural Zone, Northeastern Ontario L.M. Colgrove and R.D. Dyer

Géologie du Paléozoïque et études sur l’énergie

  1. Project Unit 14-034. The Silurian–Devonian Unconformity in Subsurface and Outcrop of Southwestern Ontario S. Sun, F.R. Brunton and J. Jin
  2. Preliminary Lithostratigraphy, Chemostratigraphy and Lithofacies Analysis of the Devonian Succession, Moose River Basin, Northern Ontario M. Braun, D.K. Armstrong, N. Chow and S.A. Gouwy
  3. Toward a Sequence Stratigraphic Framework for the Ordovician Hudson Bay and Moose River Basins, Northern Ontario K.E. Hahn, D.K. Armstrong, E.C. Turner and M.P.B. Nicolas

Études sur les eaux souterraines

  1. Project Unit 11-032. Regional-Scale Groundwater Mapping in the Early Silurian Carbonates of the Niagara Escarpment: Final Update E.H. Priebe and F.R. Brunton
  2. Project Unit 13-018. The Niagara Peninsula in Three Dimensions: A Drilling Update A.K. Burt
  3. Project Unit 14-015. Subsurface Data Collection for Three-Dimensional Sediment Mapping in the Central Part of the County of Simcoe, Southern Ontario R.P.M. Mulligan
  4. Project NE-16-001. The Ambient Groundwater Geochemistry Program: Sudbury Area K.M. Dell, S.P. Fudge and S.M. Hamilton
  5. Project SO-16-002. The Provenance of, and Possible Relationship Between, Methane and Halogens in Groundwater in Southeastern Ontario A.J. Lemieux, I.D. Clark, S.M. Hamilton, C.M. Rogerson and D.F. Kelton
  6. The Investigation of Groundwater as a Source of High Iodine Levels in Milk from Dairy Herds in Eastern Ontario C.M. Rogerson, D.F. Kelton, S.M. Hamilton, A.J. Lemieux and I.D. Clark
  7. Ontario Geological Survey–Geological Survey of Canada Groundwater Geoscience Collaboration: Southern Ontario 2015–2019 H.A.J. Russell and R.D. Dyer

Laboratoires géoscientifiques

  1. The Effect of Digestion Time on the Acid Decomposition of Zirconium and Hafnium in Coarse-Grained Rocks O.M. Burnham
  2. Summary of Quality Control Data for the Geoscience Laboratories Methods AAF-101, AAF-102, AAF-200, IAC-100, IAO-100 and IAL-100 J.C. Hargreaves