Publications Release Notice — December 19, 2019

Mines and Minerals Division: 

The following publications are being released on December 19, 2019, at 10:00 a.m. Eastern Time, or 9:00 a.m. Central Time, unless otherwise indicated. To automatically receive the Publications Release Notice by email, subscribe to the distribution list by contacting Publication Sales.

Maps and reports in hard-copy (paper) format and digital data sets available on physical media CD or DVD) can be purchased from the Publication Sales office. Publications can be downloaded for free from the GeologyOntario application or by following the links provided in this release notice. In cases where the file size is prohibitive for downloading, please contact the Publication Sales office to obtain the data on physical media (CD for $20.00; DVD for $25.00).

The digital data provided with maps as downloadable zip files from GeologyOntario contain additional information that supplements the cartographic information, and is provided at the discretion of the author(s).

Prices listed in this Release Notice apply to hard-copy versions only and are subject to change without notice. The prices given in a particular release notice are guaranteed only for a period of 1 month following the date of the release.

Earth Resources and Geoscience Mapping Section


Geophysical Data Set 1111—Revised
Ontario Airborne Geophysical Surveys, Magnetic and Electromagnetic Surveys, Reid–Mahaffy Airborne Geophysical Test Site (1999–2017); by Ontario Geological Survey. This digital release updates previously published airborne magnetic and electromagnetic (EM) surveys flown over the Reid–Mahaffy geophysical test site near Timmins using various fixed-wing and helicopter-borne EM systems. The tests were flown in order to verify system performance and to provide publicly available data that may be used to compare the performance of different electromagnetic systems. This release supersedes previously published Reid–Mahaffy test data (Miscellaneous Release Data 55, released June 2000; Geophysical Data Set 1045, released April 2003; and Geophysical Data Set 1111, released June 2004) which are incorporated in this compilation with updates, along with 5 unpublished test surveys. The data are presented along with geology, drilling information, and ground and borehole geophysical data. The data are available on 1 DVD. $25.00


Open File Report 6360
Summary of Field Work and Other Activities, 2019; by Ontario Geological Survey, 428p. $16.75.
The Contents may be viewed on the Summary of Field Work and Other Activities, 2019 page.

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